Selling items to pawn shop in NYC

How does selling items to pawn shop in NYC work's

Are you looking to make some quick cash or get a loan without the hassle of traditional banks? Well, look no further than your friendly neighborhood pawn shop! These places are like treasure troves, waiting to turn your unwanted items into money in your pocket. But before you rush in with your grandma’s old jewelry […]


Pawn Diamonds For Cash - New Liberty Loans Pawn Shop

Do you have diamond jewelry you no longer use? Would you like to know how much your diamond ring is worth? If you answered yes to any of the above, New York One Pawn Shop is the place to pawn or sell your diamonds for CASH.  We are family-owned and operated with a long history of […]

How Much Is Your Diamond Worth?


Selling a diamond or using it for a pawn loan is a popular way to get cash for your valuables. Of course, the first thing you want to know is – how much is my diamond worth? Following are some suggestions to help you with this process. The basic measure for a diamond is know […]