How It Works

We accept a variety of designer brands and quality items for fine jewelry, and here’s  “How It Works”: for your items to secure the best valuation, they must be in great condition and proper functioning order. Specifically, when it comes to jewelry, we require pieces made of precious metals and adorned with precious gemstones or certified authentic diamonds.

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Pawn Loans

We provide collateral loans that span four months, ensuring transparent terms and absolutely no hidden fees. Need cash? You can leverage your valuables without worry.

How it works NYC

Loan Requirements

To secure a loan with us, you need to meet two criteria: be at least 18 years old and possess a valid ID. It's that straightforward.

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Types of Collateral

We accept a wide range of valuables as collateral. Whether it's exquisite jewelry, precious metals, or various luxury items, we're open to considering them for loans.

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Purchasing Items

Have valuable items you'd rather sell outright? We're open to purchasing items that fit our shop's criteria. Bring them in, and let's explore the possibilities.

How it works NYC


Rest assured, your items are kept safe and sound in our secure vaults. We prioritize their safety to ensure your peace of mind throughout the loan duration.

How it works NYC

Appraisal Process

Worried about the value of your items? Don't be. We offer free appraisals, meticulously evaluating items based on current market trends and their condition. You'll always get a fair assessment.