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If you’re eager to ascertain the value of your jewelry or if you’ve recently inherited estate jewelry and sought its valuation, New York One Pawn offers top-tier Free Jewelry Appraisal.

Our professional appraisers specialize in assessing the worth of your precious items.
When deciding where to entrust your fine jewelry for appraisal, it’s crucial to weigh the expertise and reputation of the company. At New York One Pawn, we provide Free Jewelry Appraisal services, including an official evaluation with a grading report tailored for insurance purposes.

This report serves as documented evidence of value or replacement cost, available for a nominal fee.
Additionally, we offer a complimentary verbal appraisal where we elucidate the distinction between fair market value and retail price, ensuring an accurate valuation of your fine jewelry and valuables. Our assessment goes beyond mere carat weight evaluation for gold items.

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Free Jewelry Appraisal Services

Our expert gemologists at New York One Pawn offer a spectrum of appraisal services, ranging from gem assessments, evaluations, and photographic documentation to in-depth analyses. You can rely on our experts to furnish precise and reliable reports.


Our insurance appraisals delineate the retail value, depicting the cost of replacing the piece in the event of a claim. Typically valid for 3-5 years, these appraisals necessitate periodic updates to align with prevailing market values.


We specialize in providing wholesale appraisals that reflect the relative value within wholesale markets. These valuations remain pertinent to current market conditions, which undergo frequent fluctuations influenced by factors such as diamonds, colored stones, metals, and manufacturing expenses.


Our estate or fair market appraisals illuminate the potential selling value under existing market conditions. These evaluations are applicable to the prevailing market situation and are subject to frequent changes throughout the year.