Turn in Your New, Used, Broken, or Unwanted Gold & Silver Jewelry

After years of accumulating or acquiring jewelry, it’s common to end up with pieces that are old, broken, damaged, or simply unwanted. Over time, these items clutter your jewelry box, creating a tangled mess and occupying space. If you’re weary of sifting through your scrap jewelry, consider selling it. Whether it’s broken necklaces made of gold or silver, unwanted rings or earrings, old gold or silver coins, or bullion pieces, New York One Pawn is your go-to destination as the top Scrap Gold Buyer. Bring in your unwanted jewelry and leave with cash in hand.

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New York One Pawn

is one of Manhattan’s best-rated pawnbrokers specializing in pawn loans and gold buying in New York City.

Family-owned and operated since 1979, we have been helping customers secure CASH loans for over 40 years!

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Reasons to Sell Your Scrap Gold

In today’s market, getting cash for gold has become incredibly convenient. If you own gold jewelry pieces that remain unused, selling them can be a lucrative way to earn extra money. This approach can offer financial relief during challenging times, providing a buffer beyond solely relying on your regular income. Selling scrap gold offers a fast solution to meet immediate financial obligations, such as paying bills.

Furthermore, we recognize that some clients may wish to part ways with certain gold jewelry due to negative associations or memories linked to these items. If you possess gold jewelry that evokes unpleasant memories, and you believe it’s time to move on, we’re here to buy it from you. By selling it as scrap gold, you not only receive cash but also have the opportunity to use the proceeds to invest in new jewelry, offering a fresh start.

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Why Choose New York One Pawn for Selling Scrap Gold?

With over 40 years in the industry, New York One Pawn boasts a long-standing reputation. We pride ourselves on offering a transparent service, reflected in our A+ ratings. Our team includes expert GIA gemologists who provide exceptional consultation and evaluation services. Renowned for our expertise in buying and selling gems, watches, bullion, and gold jewelry, we’ve established a solid presence in this industry.
Working with our professional NYC gold buyers guarantees a seamless experience. Our in-house jewelry appraisers and certified technicians utilize top-notch resources to conduct meticulous assessments of each item’s purity, weight, and payout. This ensures that you receive the best deal for your scrap gold when you choose to work with us!