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New York One Pawn stands as the foremost Rolex Buyer in NYC, specializing in purchasing and consigning luxury timepieces. Our valuation team meticulously researches each Rolex to offer the most precise and competitive quotes.

Take a moment to share some details below, and a team member will promptly reach out to provide a quote for your Rolex watch or discuss the possibility of consignment within approximately 1-3 hours.

Rolex Buyer in NYC

Looking to get the best value for your Rolex watch? With over 40 years of experience in the luxury watch market, we buy all models of Rolex Watches at the most competitive prices. Our team of expert appraisers is dedicated to ensuring you receive the highest value for your timepiece.
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Visit our store today in Manhattan, NYC, and now also available in Central Islip. We offer unparalleled service globally for those seeking to sell their Rolex watches online. 

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What's needed to sell your Rolex watch?

The more details you can provide about your timepiece, the better. To ensure the most accurate valuation for your Rolex watch, having the original box and papers, along with the serial number and model number, is crucial. Any additional documents you possess, such as purchase receipts, service records, or appraisals, play a vital role in understanding the watch’s history and confirming its authenticity as a genuine Rolex timepiece.

Providing our watch experts with these details ensures the best possible price for your luxury watch.
It’s important to note that even if you don’t have any papers or documents for your watch, we accept both new and pre-owned Rolex watches.