New Liberty Loans Pawn Shop - Cartier Watch and Rings

How to Care For Your Jewelry and Watches

When you bring your jewelry into New York One Pawn, our professional staff carefully examines your valuables including their condition. Once we take your valuables into our care, each item is carefully wrapped and sealed inside a special bag which is placed inside our high security vault. Once you valuables are sealed, we do not

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Photo Silver flatware

Where to Pawn Silver Flatware in Manhattan

There is sentimental and financial value to silver flatware. Its inherent value stems from the presence of precious metals, with weight, purity, and the price of silver at the time of sale all having an impact. In addition, the flatware’s overall value may be influenced by its design and craftsmanship. Antiques & family heirlooms, which

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Pawn Diamonds For Cash - New Liberty Loans Pawn Shop


Do you have diamond jewelry you no longer use? Would you like to know how much your diamond ring is worth? If you answered yes to any of the above, New York One Pawn Shop is the place to pawn or sell your diamonds for CASH.  We are family-owned and operated with a long history of

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Photo Cash register

Get Instant Cash Loans in Manhattan

Payday loans, cash advances, and instant cash loans are short-term financial products that offer instant access to funds, usually within a day. These loans are generally taken out for unforeseen costs or urgent financial needs. They are frequently sought after by people who need quick financial assistance or do not have access to traditional credit

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