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Expert Appraisal

We appraise your valuables, discuss your options and provide an offer to pawn or sell your valuables.

Cash On The Spot

After we complete a pawn loan agreement, we secure your valuables in sealed envelope and you walk away with cash on the spot.

All loans are regulated by New York State law so you can rest assured you are getting the best terms possible. Loans are four (4) months long with monthly interest rates as low as 2% (24% APR) and a maximum of 4%.

No payments are necessary until the loan is due in 120 days. Loan extensions are also available if you need more time to pay.

See our FAQ for full details including examples of repayment schedules. You must be 18 years or older. 

What People are Saying

“Most Reliable”

“The best and most reliable pawnshop in NYC. Been doing business with them for some time, very helpful and accommodating…”

Miriam A. (Google)

“Great Staff”

“The experience was easy and way less complicated than I expected. The staff was great and seems to know almost every customer walking through the door.”

Kiera S. (Yelp)

“Very Professional”

New York One Pawn Shop has excellent service and explained various options from buying my items to pawn loans. Very professional.”

Theo W. (Google)