Diamond Loans in NYC

At New York One Pawn, we offer competitive rates for all diamonds, catering to Diamond Loans in NYC. When you pawn a diamond with us, rest assured you’ll receive the most precise and current valuation for your diamond. Our payment options cover various types of diamonds, including diamond engagement rings, loose stones, and even rare or exotic ones. Additionally, we readily purchase GIA and EGL-certified diamonds.

We specialize in accepting and providing loans for diamond engagement rings, ensuring a premium price for your item. With unlimited funding available, our offers are based on the intrinsic value of your diamond, guaranteeing you the best possible deal when you choose New York One Pawn for your diamond loans in NYC.

What's on your sell list? From diamond ring loans to more.

At New York One Pawn, we’ve simplified the process of using diamonds as collateral to get quick cash. Whether it’s selling a diamond engagement ring or leveraging loose stones for a collateral loan, we ensure same-day payouts on a diverse array of diamonds and gemstones. Our approach is friendly and discreet, ensuring your satisfaction as you walk out the door.

We accept various items, including:

Diamond jewelry like engagement rings and wedding bands

  • White diamonds
  • Colored diamonds
  • Rubies
  • Emeralds
  • Sapphires
  • And much more…

Diamond Loans in NYC

Look no further than New York One Pawn for the ultimate spot to pawn diamonds and diamond jewelry in NYC. Our secure and safe location ensures a comfortable process for you throughout.

We offer the highest cash payouts and provide a choice between selling your item or opting for our loan program, enabling you to borrow money against your valuable items. The best part? We have unlimited funding, catering to loans ranging from a few thousand to several million dollars. Whatever your financial needs, rest assured we’ve got you covered at New York One Pawn.

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Expert Appraisal

We appraise your valuables, discuss your options and provide an offer to pawn or sell your valuables.

Cash On The Spot

After we complete a pawn loan agreement, we secure your valuables in sealed envelope and you walk away with cash on the spot.

We are the most reliable diamond buyer in New York.

When considering pawning a luxury item, entrusting your assets is important. New York One Pawn has a proven track record of providing high-value collateral loans on diamonds and various luxury assets. We prioritize ensuring you feel supported and well-informed at every stage of the loan process, working diligently to maintain your confidence and peace of mind.

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