How to Care For Your Jewelry and Watches

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When you bring your jewelry into New York One Pawn, our professional staff carefully examines your valuables including their condition. Once we take your valuables into our care, each item is carefully wrapped and sealed inside a special bag which is placed inside our high security vault. Once you valuables are sealed, we do not […]

How Much Is Your Diamond Worth?


Selling a diamond or using it for a pawn loan is a popular way to get cash for your valuables. Of course, the first thing you want to know is – how much is my diamond worth? Following are some suggestions to help you with this process. The basic measure for a diamond is know […]

Cash For Gold: Tips For Selling Precious Metals

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Selling gold, silver and platinum is a popular and easy way to turn your valuables into cash. Here are a few tips to ensure you get the best price and work with the most reputable businesses. The price of gold and other metals varies daily. Do a quick search online to determine the current “spot” […]